Trans-dimensional Evolution

"In 2010 I authored the first scientific disproof of Darwin's Theory of Evolution by proving that change is higher dimensional; Change does not have an objective representation.
This work represents the only formal scientific disproof of Darwin's Theory of Evolution in existence.
The formal proof can be downloaded here free. The world's premier scientific journal Nature was unable to refute the formal paper.
Prize money: There will be a $10,000(AUD) prize awarded to any person able to successfully refute the work under appropriate guidelines issued.

A simple exercise:

  • Get yourself a pencil and paper
  • Draw a change. Any change whatsoever
  • The disproof shows that whatever you have drawn, is not a change

If you purchase the text I hope you find it well co-ordinated and integrated. The proof is accomplished using only prose and diagrams and without complex mathematics. It is an educational text.

This is a transparent website.
Once again, welcome and I encourage you to comment on any of the material presented. We do not ignore emails involving scientific discussion.


Instructions for authors
lodging formal rebuttals to:

The disproof of Darwin's theory of Evolution

If you have not read the text, your rebuttal to disproof (1) is likely to be inadequate.
(Do not be fooled by the apparent simplicity of the points that have been raised here because although it may seem easy to the average person to try and refute it, you will be surprised at the difficulty in explaining the simplest aspects of change and also in explaining operators in equations.)


Lodged - refute has been received
Under review - Mr Vallejo is reviewing the refute
Invalidated - Author has agreed their refute cannot hold against arguments posed by the disproof and further discussion
In contention - Author and Mr Vallejo both hold that their arguments are correct and are open to public review at this website

Any successful rebuttal to either disproof will be formally acknowledged and Mr Vallejo's disproof retracted in a public statement.
The author of the first successful rebuttal to disproof (1) will receive prize money of $10,000AUD.

Refuting The disproof of
Darwin's Theory of Evolution:

You must: Provide an objective representation for a change.

  • Package your refute as a PDF
  • Please read the text well as you will be promptly referred to it for any simple issues that it has already explained
  • Please state your title in your email. Universities and professional institutions will have priority.
  • Bogus titles will be deleted immediately without review so please be honest about who you are
  • All refutes in contention will be posted with the author's and Mr Vallejo's final positions. Please use diagrams and simple language to explain yourself
  • Reference specific page numbers or sections of the text
  • Any refutes attempting to use assigned continuity as an argument will be immediately rejected
  • Any refutes arguing that the past present and future are all occurring at the same time will be immediately rejected
  • If your refute uses complex mathematical terms, explain why and provide a simplified translation as prose and diagram. (Before composing a refute involving copious amounts of mathematics and formulae, every operator in your equations must be accompanied by a formal explanation of exactly what process is involved to bring that operation into reality (i.e. explain how a +, -, *, = etc accomplishes its operation))
Some suggestions for authors attempting this formal rebuttal:

Any of the following will invalidate the disproof:

  • Foremost: Provide an objective representation for a change
  • Prove time is absolutely continuous (i.e. that it is not discrete)
  • Show how a time dependent function can acquire a discrete value from an absolutely continuous time line i.e. one with no points
  • Construct an absolutely continuous time line where the past present and future are separated
  • Acquire the left and/or right neighbour (as a value) of any value on the Real number line
  • Show the Real number line can be traversed point to point
  • Show the Real number line does not collapse if infinite subdivision completes
Mr Vallejo attests that all of the above are impossible to prove.